About Mission 1 World

"No act of kindness,

no matter how small,

is ever wasted."

- Jules Pharoh

Every religion that came into this world emphasized the importance of charity and promoted the activity of giving to the less fortunate. At Mission 1 World we have taken the task of which initially started as a hope of mending the differences amongst mentalities and filling up the gulf between borders. No matter the colour of skin, the religion one follows or what country one originated from - the mutual feelings we share and the colour of blood is the same within all. We will strive to bring awareness amongst people in hopes of them realizing that helping a fellow man results in the best rewards in this life and the next. 



M1W Family

M1W was founded by a visionary who envisioned for a more compassionate and loving world through acts of kindness, empathy and action. 


Over the years, M1W grew to a family of friends who travel around the world helping the less fortunate through volunteer work, donations, small and big acts of kindness and continuous social media awareness.


M1W has aided those in need with food, educational supplies, clothing, living essentials and medical supplies; some of which include providing wheelchairs to victims in Afghanistan from land mines and civil war.


You can make a difference by acting today!

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Meet The Team

About The Family

Our M1W Family is proud to have a diverse Team of established & distinguished professionals:

a Philanthropist, Top 5% in Canada Realtor, Actors and Stunt Performers for Film & Television, Marketing Specialists, & 99.9 Virgin Radio's Music Producer & Radio Host.


By coming together from various walks of life, we bring unique talents to accomplish our number 1 Mission: to help make a positive difference for the less fortunate. 

Each Mission is self-funded (every member personally donates from their own pocket, including hosting our Annual Fundraiser) with 100% of all proceeds donated to our selected Mission's. 

We believe that in life, balance is everything. You will find that throughout our professional & personal lives, even when we travel throughout the world, we are engaging & actively part of contributing to the positive development of our community & world. We hope to raise awareness & through that hard work you can achieve personal dreams with professional success, but we must not ever forget to give back.


Nick Goluža

Qais Sayed

Dames Nellas

John Koo

Muhammad Abid

Projects Manager Pakistan

Jules Pharoh


Masood Wahab

Adam Winlove-Smith

Who We Help

We have all been raised with borders. We have not only placed borders on a map but also in our hearts. However looking at the world from a distance, one can only see it as a whole. Helping people around the world has taught us that we all smile in the same language. Mission 1 World helps communities and those in need around the world. Mission 1 World has joined hands with various organizations including orphanages, senior home and youth communities. We've provided food, financial support and basic living essentials.







Every Good Act Is A Charity

A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.

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