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About Mission 1 World

"No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted."

Jules Pharoh

Every religion that came into this world emphasized the importance of charity and promoted the activity of giving to the less fortunate. At Mission 1 World we have taken the task of which initially started as a hope of mending the differences amongst mentalities and filling up the gulf between borders. No matter the colour of skin, the religion one follows or what country one originated from - the mutual feelings we share and the colour of blood is the same within all. We will strive to bring awareness amongst people in hopes of them realizing that helping a fellow man results in the best rewards in this life and the next. 

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Meet The M1W  Family

Mission 1 World (M1W) started off as a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by our late and dear visionary,  Jules Pharoh. His philosophy was this:  by virtue of bringing people together to help one another, it would remind those to be compassionate, empathetic and loving, in our everyday lives. In a complicated and fast-paced world, it was both a grounding reminder and a discipline to simply be human. 
Since 2013, the M1W Team grew to multiple chapters around the world and officially became a registered charitable organization in 2019. Our M1W family of friends are actively involved through volunteer work, donations, sponsorships, humanitarian efforts, partnerships and collaborations whilst leveraging social media to bring a spotlight to both the dire situations we've been made aware of, and to our various initiatives to address them directly.
M1W has aided those in need with food, educational supplies, clothing, living essentials and medical supplies; some of which include providing wheelchairs to victims of land mines from the war in Afghanistan, to setting up clean drinking water wells for rural villages in Pakistan.
You can make a difference by acting today! 

It doesn’t have to be a large monetary contribution. Start small and help the next person you see. Be kind. Spread the positivity with those around you. Find ways to help others and act on it. 

Meet The Team

Jules Pharoh

Jules Pharaoh



Jules was a visionary and inspiration to every single one of us at M1W. He dedicated his life to spreading positivity.  Living in 3 continents and travelling to over 50 countries, Jules saw firsthand how difficult life is for countless of people around the world. With a heart of pure gold, Jules made it his sole Mission to help change the lives of so many - including ours.  His motto, which became our organization's slogan, was: Be Human, Love Human. 

In loving memory 

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Adam Winlove-Smith


Adam studied Geographic Analysis at Ryerson, specializing in impact analysis studies, later finding his way into the Film and Television industry.  A professional Stunt Actor by trade, Adam has a passion for giving back and helping those less fortunate. He plays an integral part in decision making, day to day operations, project coordinating and fundraising. Traveling the world to over 50 countries with Jules opened his eyes to how privileged he really is in Canada and why helping others is the ultimate form of happiness and gratitude.

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Mohsin Shah


Mohsin Shah, a distinguished business consultant, boasts an academic foundation in International Economics & Trade acquired at Xian Finance University in China. He parlayed this knowledge into establishing a thriving import and export enterprise. A pivotal moment in his journey occurred when he was mentored by the esteemed Jules Pharoh, inspiring him to embark on a life long mission of humanitarian service through Mission 1 World.

From an early age, Mohsin recognized the intrinsic value of dedicating oneself to the greater good, finding profound soul satisfaction and heartful happiness in this pursuit. He ardently upholds his belief that life's true purpose lies in serving others.


Nick Goluža


Nick has been a proud member of Mission 1 World since the beginning of 2013. An Actor & Investor - he also spent 10 years in the Hospitality Industry, while travelling to over 40 countries. With a strong passion for helping those in need, Nick has big dreams for M1W. He plays a crucial role in our Annual Fundraising Gala and manages operations for our social media accounts while creating/maintaining relationships with friends & donors of the organization.


Fatima Sarah Allibhai


Fatima is a passionate Educator, who is dedicated to helping children develop a sense of giving by getting students involved in philanthropy. With a Masters in Education and Leadership, Fatima is involved in bringing the value of empathy, volunteering and charitable giving into the classrooms. With each mission, Fatima is involved in turning the footage into appealing Social Media content that improves reach and engagement.


Arlind Kadiri


A graduate of Business Administration /Finance at George Brown College, QA Analyst at a world-renowned tech company & Recording Artist at heart. Of all the aspirations he has, there is one that matters the most to him - helping those in need. Arlind is always thrilled to take part in helping M1W grow while making a positive change in the world, one community at a time.


Taimur Malik


A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who graduated from McMaster University in 2010, Taimur has over 10 years of accounting experience in Multinational Corporations and Pension Funds.  He is an integral part of the team and handles all the financial reporting/bookkeeping responsibilities for Mission 1 World.


Dames Nellas


Dames Nellas is the voice behind Mission1 World & 99.9 Virgin Radio, having studied Broadcast Television, Radio & Film. He has helped M1W build and develop the organization's awareness in the Radio, Television & Social Media space. Nellas has been and continues to be the Host/MC for the Annual Fundraising Gala, while contributing to Missions organized by the non-profit for years. You can also spot him on Etalk, The Social, CP24 & The Marilyn Denis Show.

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Muhammad Abid


Meet Miission 1 World's first Project Manager in Pakistan. Muhammad joined the M1W Family in 2019. He is based in Sindh and is dedicated to serving the remote and rural areas of this province. Whilst currently attending law school at the University of Karachi, Pakistan, he somehow still finds time to execute our humanitarian missions.  His dedication and important work has positively and significantly changed the lives of thousands of people in Sindh living in abject poverty. 

Who We Help

We have all been raised with borders. We have not only placed borders on a map but also in our hearts. However looking at the world from a distance, one can only see it as a whole. Helping people around the world has taught us that we all smile in the same language. Mission 1 World helps communities and those in need around the world. We have joined hands with various organizations including orphanages, senior homes and youth communities. We've provided food, financial support, school supplies, medical supplies and basic living essentials.







"Every Good Act Is A Charity.
A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows."

We can make the world
a better place.


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