Social Activity

As we continue in our journey in helping humanity without discrimination, we cannot forget to acknowledge how we are so blessed to have such amazing like-minded friends, family and community who are selfless, compassionate and continuously supporting us in many different ways.

Every year, we challenge ourselves by dedicating time outside of our personal and professional lives to be actively involved in a local and international social outreach. 

Annual Fundraising Gala

Every year, the M1W Team hosts its annual fundraising gala in Canada to raise awareness, share our mission stories and to get to know our M1W Family better in a fun-filled night with exciting performances, draws and jaw-dropping prizes sponsored by our M1W Sponsors.


Our M1W Family continues to grow bigger and bigger each year in having our Toronto 2018 Fundraising Gala for Mission Mobility at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue completely sold out!

All proceeds generated from our fundraising gala are donated to help others through our Mission projects.

Sing in the Shower Challenge was a way for us to spread awareness about bullying. The meaning behind this challenge was to put our selves in a funny and embarrassing situation to show the world that we can overcome bullying together. We had a lot of support from people who did the challenge and shared their experience about bullying through social media reaching to thousands of people young and old with the message that “you are not alone” and to help bring an awareness to this issue.

Mission 1 World Heroes

Mission 1 World Heros started off as a small pickup basketball game. The Mission was to involve the youth in our community to chose a healthy lifestyle of sports and keep them away from trouble. We recently joined a league consisting of 12 players that consistently participated in our pickup games. Sportsmanship teaches kids teamwork, leadership, punctuality, organization while keeping them active.

Sing In The Shower Challenge

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