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Stand Alone Missions

Elementary School

Mission:   Elementary School

Year:          2017

Location:  Jaco, Costa Rica

We came across a small school of over 40 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 4. Our goal was simple: To promote sports for young children by providing them with their own equipment such as soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, pylons, rackets, etc, and also school essentials such as pens, notebooks, pencil cases, chalk, etc. Some chocolate definitely put a smile on their faces too! We received a very warm welcome when we arrived. We arranged a soccer game with the children at recess. At the end of the game, the kids all came back and tried to return the equipment to us. When we told them it belongs to them now, they lit up like a Christmas tree. It was a fantastic experience.


Mission:    Vision

Year:           2021

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

M1W came across a family where every member was blind except the son.  The father had passed away and was the source of income for this family.  Missions 1 World provided a Rikshaw so the son could earn an income for the family and half a year of rent to help get them started along with some living essentials.

Yellow Scarf

Mission:    Yellow Scarf

Year:           2019

Location:  Sindh, Pakistan

When you educate girls you educate a nation.  Mission 1 World distributed school supplies among 150 students and strongly believes in empowering girls with education.  The yellow symbolizes a new day and a new hope.

Mission:    Warmth

Year:           2017

Location:  Kabul, Afghanistan

Mission 1 World reached out to several families in Kabul and provided them with blankets to help keep warm during the cold seasons.


Mission:    Abba Orphanage House

Year:           2016

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

In an extremely poor neighbourhood on Yohna Abad Ferozpor Road in Lahore, Pakistan where Christians are known to be persecuted, is an all-girls orphanage. Mission 1 World purchased and delivered new mattresses, pillows and linens for them.

Abba Orphanage House

Mission:    Helping Sabir

Year:           2016

Location:  Karachi, Pakistan

This is Sabir Shah, he is a 37-year-old BSc Honour Graduate. He was born with a hearing disability, therefore, could not find a job despite his impressive academic resume. As the only provider of a family of 7, he decided to drive a rickshaw. In June 2016 a bomb blast in the city destroyed his rickshaw and other valuables. Fortunately, he was not near the accident at the time. Sabir's story is touching because of his perseverance and motivation of not letting his disability stop him. Mission 1 World bought him a new rickshaw so he can continue with his earnings. All the best to our friend Sabir!

Helping Sabir

Mission:    Knowledge

Year:           2019

Location:  Sanghar, Pakistan


Similar to Mission Yellow Scarf, this is a continuing initiative of providing support directly to schools for girls, except this one is in a different city in Pakistan. This school lacked the basic stationery needed in order to perform their class exercises and homework. Mission 1 World Pakistan provided books and school supplies to 200 young, vibrant students of Sanghar.


Mission:    Dastarkhawan

Year:           2018

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

At sunset every day during Ramadan, Muslims all over the world break their fast. This daily event is known as Iftaar.  On the 21st day of Ramadan in 2018, Mission 1 World Pakistan served Iftaar on the roadside for 300 homeless people in Lahore.


Mission:     Anti-bullying

Year:           2019

Location:  Sanghar, Pakistan

Bullying has affected school systems around the world drastically. To help in nipping this cruel behaviour in the bud, Mission 1 World organized awareness programs among students through an essay writing competition at a school in the city of Sanghar. We then awarded cash prizes and certificates to the writers of the top 3 submissions. Aside from the top 3 writers, all the students felt more empowered with their newly shared knowledge of how to acknowledge and stop bullying.


Mission:    Save A Human

Year:           2018

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Together To Save A Human is a wonderful foundation that helps shelter the underprivileged and elderly in Cairo. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our fundraising was able to assist them by providing desperately needed medical supplies.

Save A Human

Mission:    Food Drive

Year:           2019

Location:  Karachi, Pakistan

Our M1W Pakistan team provided food to a neighbourhood in Karachi, Pakistan known for its abject poverty, where people are unable to fulfill their basic nutritional needs.

Food Drive

Mission:    Helping Abiba

Year:           2017

Location:  Kabul, Afghanistan

Life in Kabul, Afghanistan can be very difficult, even more so as a widow who is paralyzed from the waist down with three young children. “Getting around is a nightmare!” she explained. “I had a wheelchair that I was using for the past 12 years, but that stopped working. Getting around now is very difficult.” We were able to reach out and provide Abiba with a new wheelchair. She was so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. The smile on her face spoke a thousand words.

Helping Abiba

Mission:    Covenant House

Year:           2017

Location:  Toronto, Canada

We reached out to the youth at Toronto Covenant House that have experienced neglect, loss, hardship and abuse. Mission 1 World provided these troubled youths with food, toiletries, and basic essentials to help set them on the path to success.

Covenant House

Mission:    Save A Family

Year:           2021

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

We provided two sewing machines to a family who lost their patriarch and income earner for the family. About to be evicted, M1W also paid for half a year of their rent to help get a new start on life and the sewing machines will help provide a way for the family to earn a living.

Save A Family

Mission:    Panama Orphanage

Year:           2017

Location:  Panama City, Panama

M1W team visited this orphanage and talked to the administrators on what was lacking.  Clothes, games, food, hygiene products, sports equipment, educational materials and of course some candy were rounded up and donated to these children in need. Seeing their happy faces was our reward that we joyfully accepted.

Panama Orphanage

Mission:    Christian Concern For                         The Homeless

Year:           2017

Location:  Sham Shui Po,                                        Hong Kong

Mission 1 World reached out to Christian Concern For The Homeless Association in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong and were happy to provide and distribute food to the homeless in this area.

Christian Concern for the Homeless

Mission:    International Women's                         Day

Year:           2019

Location:  Tando Allahyar,                                    Pakistan

Progress, prosperity and education for girls are embedded deep within Mission 1 World’s values. So when we learned of an all-girls primary school in the rural area of Tando Allahyar, Sindh that were in desperate need of even the basics, we did not hesitate to provide school supplies and hygiene products for all 200 students.

Int'l Women's Day

Mission:     Children's Home

Year:            2017

Location:   Kuala Lumpur,                                       Malaysia

Sai Pandian is a home for young children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mission 1 World helped by providing some essential living supplies for the children...along with some candy which the children were beyond excited to receive!

Children's Home

Mission:    School For Special                                Needs

Year:           2016

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

We are always searching for new organizations to offer our support to, whether it's through volunteer services, providing food and/or basic essentials, or even money. In this mission, we provided a straight cash donation so that they could decide how best to spend the money for their children's needs.

School For Specia Needs

Mission:   Happy Home For Senior                      Citizens

Year:          2016

Location:  Lahore, Pakistan

We had the privilege of meeting some really amazing people that shared their experiences with us. We provided them with some financial support and an attentive ear which they seemed to deeply enjoy.

Happy Home For Senior Citizens

Mission:     Rickshaw

Year:            2015

Location:   Karachi, Pakistan

Our second official mission was to provide a rickshaw to someone in need.  With a limited budget, M1W was determined to empower and enable some deserving person to open their own business with this rickshaw. We found such a person, and in turn, they were able to support their family and also help the community. The gift that keeps on giving!


Mission:     M1W Beginning

Year:            2015

Location:   Lahore, Pakistan

Mission 1 World’s very first mission.  A variety of educational supplies, living essentials, medicines and sewing machines were given out to those living in abject poverty in Lahore.

M1W Beginning
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