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Recurring Missions

Mission:  Solar

Years:  2019 & 2021

Location:  Sinjhoro, Pakistan

Mission 1 World distributed solar panels & electric fans for 20 underprivileged families where temperatures in summer get so extreme, many of the elderly and children often fall victim to the heat and die.

Now they have running fans to help keep them cool with endless and free power from the sun.


Mission:  Mobility

Year:  2018

Location:  Kabul & Jalalabad, Afghanistan

The goal was to donate 20 wheelchairs to  victims of landmines and civil war in Afghanistan. With over 640,000  documented, active landmines in Afghanistan, the UN declared over 200,000 documented deaths and over 400,000 disabled victims as a result of these landmines.


With the combined efforts of all those that attended and contributed to the 7th Annual Fundraising Gala in 2018, M1W proudly surpassed the goal by more than double, and donated 50 wheelchairs to these two war-torn cities.

Mission:  Medical Camp

Years:  2020 & 2021

Location:  Kasur, Pakistan


This is a free medical camp which has been set up in a remote village where some have never seen a doctor. There isn't even a medical supply store or pharmacy accessible to them.  M1W provided check-ups, medicines, medical supplies, on site treatments and appointments for further care.

Medical Camp
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